VXL - Net Change Report - 2.2019.12.12

Bugfixes and Minor Enhancements

VXL 2.2019.12.12 contains bugfixes and minor enhancements. Please note that only the key deliveries are listed below:

  • Expand task locks during export

  • Sorting on VPM (function/version)

  • Field type N-numeric as per the definition in MRS003 is defaulted to data type Decimal with 2 decimal places in the VPM Configurator

  • Previous program/transaction is not transferred to the XML-file after completion of the configuration (*OIS017MI.LstBasePrice.PRRF)

  • Steps within a task (import) are rearranged after edit

The following are Multi Tenant specific bugfixes:

  • M3 Message column is not populated with API message when API-transaction fails

  • API message written with displacement

  • Unicode issue has been resolved

  • If a cell is empty the value is retrieved from the previous cell with a value

TCP/IP vs. REST API when API transaction fails

When a API transaction fails the message from M3 differs depending on if the connection is TCP/IP or REST API.


MI-test: OIS017MI - AddBasePrice

VXL: OIS017MI - AddBasePrice


Postman: OIS017MI - AddBasePrice



VXL: OIS017MI - AddBasePrice