How to use VXL with Web Services

How to set up VXL to run with M3 web services:

From Version 2018.01.08 you can run Web Services in VXL.

M3 Web Services:

We start by creating the M3 web service. 

In this case we want to create a connection in MNS410 between a role and a user. 

In VXL you want to call this web service through the following XML script:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<VinceExcelConfig xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="VinceExcelConfig.xsd">
<Import InputStartRow="3">
  <M3Api Program="MPD_MNS410_Create" Transaction="Create"
              <InputField Name="Role" Value="*A"/>
              <InputField Name="User" Value="*B"/>
           <MwsProgram MwsPgmName="MNS410">
        <Param MwsField="W1ROLL" Alias="Role"/>
        <Param MwsField="W1USID" Alias="User"/>


Program =” MPD_MNS410_Create”

Transaction = “Create”

MwsUrl = “

MwsNameSpace = “

MwsContext = services

MwsName = “MPD_MNS410_Create”

MwsMethod = “Create”

MwsType = “MPD

InputField Name = Role

InputField Name = User

MwsField = W1ROLE, Alias = Role

MwsField = W1USID, Alias = User

W1ROLL is M3 field

W1USID is M3 field

Excel sheet:

Close the Excel scheet and run like a normal function.

Remember that the configurator does not support Web services at the moment.

You need to manually script and upload the function on VPM.