Create export function without a predefined Excel template

This guide will teach you how to export data with VXL. We will use a list API for exporting items and connect each item to a get API for including more details.

Click "Function" menu item to view the function list

Click "+Configurator" to create new function

Add some metadata to the function and select "Export data from M3 BE"

Select "Without Excel file" and optionally edit sheet name and start rows

Select list API

Select list API and optionally edit "Max rows". This is the maximum rows returned by the API. APIs can also by found with advanced API search.

Select input fields. By selecting "Text Field", an input field will be created in the VXL user interface. Optionally edit the user interface label.

Add multiple output fields

Select some output fields from the list API. Once added the output fields can be sorted with drag on drop.

Join get API to get warehouse information

To get warehouse information on each item, the transaction GetItmWhsBasic will be used. Click "Add new API transaction"

Select the program and the transaction. Since the input field ITNO exists as an output field in the list API it will be automatically matched. We will sett WHLO to the constant value 001

Add output fields from the GET API.

Grant function access to roles

Set which environments the function will be available in. Only environments the user has write access to will be displayed here.

Run function

Open the VXL desktop client

Double click the function in the VXL client to open it

Input item group and click export

Select destination file name and log on to M3. Note that this is another user than the VXL user. The file will automatically open in Excel