Edit function interface from desktop client

The function user interface can be edited in the VXL desktop client. While editing, one can preview the interface.

Open the VXL desktop client. If the user has write access, an edit icon will appear.

VXL user interfaces uses the XAML standard. When editing the XAML code one can see a preview pane above the code.

The toolbar shows the actions that can be performed in the edit panel.

  • Save - Save your changes
  • Refresh - Reload from server
  • Cut - Cut selected text
  • Copy - Copy selected text
  • Paste - Paste text in clipboard to caret position
  • Undo - Un do last action
  • Redo - Re do last undo

Edit XAML labels, add fields, buttons, etc. Press ctrl+r to preview the changes.

Press ctrl+s to save the changes.