VXL - Net Change Report - 2017.10

Support for CSV files

VXL now supports importing data from CSV files in addition to XLSX files.

New input field type - Date picker

One can now add a date picker to select date input for a function.

Input values can be selected by prompting M3

A function input value can be selected by prompting M3. I.e. one can fetch item groups from CRS025 and display legal selections in the VXL client.

Default input values can be set on a function

Input values to a function can now have default values. Meaning that the value is shown in the UI by default, but the user is allowed to change it.

Edit column values when editing a function with an auto-generated Excel template

If a function was created without an existing Excel template it was earlier not possible to edit the Excel fields without editing the auto-generated Excel file. This can now be done directly from the configurator. 

User Interface

The client user interface have been adjusted with matching borders and components.

Better looking auto-generated Excel template

The Excel template that is generated when creating an export function without using an existing Excel template now has bold and bordered headers.

The VXL client shows M3 connection status

A green or red light now indicates if the M3 environment is available or not

Refresh function list without logging out and back in

It is no longer needed to log out and back in to refresh the function list

Selected labels are remembered

The last selected labels are remembered both on the VPM server and in the VXL client.

Function UI editor

A toolbar has been added to the UI editor in the VXL client to display command user actions when editing.

M3 API option "Include blanks" is now supported by VXL

This options is used to tell M3 that blank input values actually means to clear the field, not ignore the input. This can now be used in VXL functions.

Global company selection

Multi-company users can now set the current company they are working on on global level in VXL. This leads to fewer user actions and reduces the risk of error.

XAML template can be downloaded

For those who want to manually create VXL UI, one can download a XAML template from the function list on the VPM server

The configurator can now also create expand tasks

Preview generated XML for input fields, output fields and filters in the configurator

One can now preview how the XML will look like while using the configurator.

Set up filters and sub filters

Filter setup with the configurator has been modified. One can also add sub filters.

XML and XAML file preview

When viewing a function on the VPM server, one can preview the XML and XAML files.

Add more tasks to existing function

New tasks can now be added to an existing function from the configurator. Earlier this had to be done by manually editing the function XML.

Support for Norwegian and Swedish language

The VPM can now be used with Norwegian and Swedish labels. In addition to English