VXL - Net Change Report - 2.2020.5.25

Support for RestApi v2

RestApi v2 enables bulking of transactions, i.e. the option to trigger several transactions within a single REST call. The default batch size in VXL is 80. This means that instead sending x number of separate transactions one-by-one, bulking enables the possibility to group transaction according to the to the batch size. This makes execution more efficient since the same running program instance will perform all transactions without the need to potentially start a new job for every single one.


  • Number of transaction: 320

  • Batch size: 80

These 320 transactions are group according to the batch size of 80, i.e. 320/80 = 4 batches are sent which are proceeded by M3.

Please note:

  • Bulking will consume memory and too high batch sizes can cause ION API Gateway to timeout.

  • The maximum size per message is 32 KB.

In the VXL client under Settings > Functions it is possible to override the default batch size.

To activate RestApi v2 for an M3 CE environment please follow these steps:

Locate the M3 Environment and click the Edit-button:

Go the API URL and change it from /m3api-rest/execute/ to /m3api-rest/v2/execute/




Then click the Save-button

Configuration is now completed.