Create a new function from existing configuration files

VXL configuration files from a previous version of VXL can be uploaded to the online function repository. When updated, the files can be edited in the web application or in the desktop client.

A function can contain three file types:

XML: The XML file contains information on how the function will perform. Information on APIs used, which cell to put the data in, sorting, filtering, etc is placed here.

XAML: The XAML file contains the desktop user interface used when running the function. XAML is a Microsoft standard for developing user interfaces.

XLTX: XLTX is the default file format for Excel templates. In VXL it is used by export functions to tell the VXL engine how the resulting Excel workbook should be formatted.

To upload a function, go to the "Functions" page and select "+Function"

Input a function name and optional description. Click browse to select function files.

Select which environments the function will be available in. Click here for details.

Select which roles can access the function. Read and write access is controlled by the roles access to the respective environment.

 Click "Save and close"