User Guide Vince Service Center

User Guide Vince support system – Vince Service Center


Customers have two choices on how to report a support case to Vince.

They can either use the Web portal: Vince Service Center - Jira Service Management (

Or send e-mail to Vince Support:

In Web portal support cases are automatically sent to the responsible person, while on e-mail they will have to be handled manually and then sent to responsible person.

The first time you log into the portal, you will have to create a user.

Click on the Sign up link



Enter your e-mail address and click on Send link button.

Follow the instructions in the link and you should be able to create a password and log in.


First screen in web portal – What is the support case about?


Here you will have to select what the support case is about. Is it M3 support, Integration, VXL, VBU etc.

When you choose one of the above it will take you to the next screen


Second screen in web portal – What kind of support case is this?

Here you will choose if the support case is regarding a question, is it an incident (something is failing), or is it a change request.


Third screen in web portal- Enter details on your support case.


Enter a short Summary, just one sentence about the support case.


Select Urgency for the case from drop-down menu:

Critical- when the product had reduced functionality or performance which is critical to the business and no workaround is available.

High - when the product has significantly reduced functionality or performance and there is no acceptable workaround available.

Medium – the product has reduced functionality or performance, but it is not High Urgency.

Low – Minor defects or remarks to improve usability, not significantly affecting the daily use of the product.


  • Enter Description – explain more in detail what the case is about, what needs to be fixed etc.

  • Attach an attachment if you want to for even more clarification of what is needed.

  • Press Send



You can use the Cancel button if you do not want to enter this support case anyway or have entered it wrongly and need to change what the case is about. Cancel button will bring you back to the first screen in web portal.


The support case is logged in Vince Support system- Vince Service Center.

Customer will receive an automatic e-mail saying that the request is received by Vince Service Center.


Here you have the possibility to click on the link View request and you will be directed to the web portal.

You can reply or add a comment on your support case either by replying on the e-mail or by adding a comment on the case in the web portal.


Workflow and follow up of a support case.


You can add a comment and see the status of your support case/ request in web portal. The workflow and statuses are as follows:

It is possible to reopen a case after it has been set to Closed or Resolved. This is done by adding a comment to the case, this will automatically change the status back to Assigned.

In the top right corner of web portal, you can see how many support cases/requests you have raised. If you click on this button, it will take you to an overview list of your support cases.


You can sort on both Open and Closed support cases/requests.


Feedback and Improvements

Customers will receive a question for feedback when a support case is resolved where they can rate the experience and add a comment that will help Vince to make continuous improvements to the way we handle support cases.

If you click on one of the stars, it will take you to the web portal where you can rate with a number of stars and add a comment if you want.