VXL - Net Change Report - 2017.04


The biggest change in the new version is that one function can be connected to multiple environments. It can also exist in multiple versions and each version can be active in one or more environments. This is useful when maintaining a function since an admin can edit a function and just make it available in the test environment. Once the function is validated, it can be released to production. If needed one can easily rollback a release and re-activate the old version. See documentation for details.

Wizard /Configurator

Advanced function edit

A functions XML and XAML file, can be edited directly on the VPM server. See documentation for details.

Reorder functions and environments

Functions and environments can be reordered by users with write access. To reorder, simply drag and drop the function on the VPM server

Organise functions

Functions can be organised using labels. See documentation for details.

Function documentation.

Function documentation can be uploaded for each function. This documentation is available for the end user in the VXL client. See documentation for details.

Export more than 100 000 rows

The max rows property in the XML file now supports more than 100 000 rows.

Edit and preview function UI in VXL client

VXL function UI can be edited in the VXL client with direct preview. See documentation for details.

Multi-dimensional spreadsheets

VXL now supports multi-dimensional spreadsheets. Documentation will be added soon.

Display API messages as Excel comments

Response messages from the APIs can now be added as Excel comments in addition to separate cells. Documentation will be added soon.

VXL Client - Store password

When storing the VPM password in the VXL clientm the login screen will be skipped on startup. To log in as another user, use the back button.

Refresh API metadata

The API metadata used by the client can be updated from the VXL client. A user needs company admin access to be able to do this. See documentation for details.

Run function from other company that the user's main company

Multi-company users can now run functions for all companies they are connected to. Simply change current company in the VXL client.

Improved language support

VXL now has support for Korean and Chinese language.

Suppport for M3 Web Services

VXL now supports running M3 Web Services for inserting or updating data. Please note that running APIs still is the preferred way, for stability reasons. Documentation will be added soon.