Net Change report 1.25


Release: Des 2017

Version: 1.25

Contains: Bug fixes and new functionality

Main change in this release:


Collector - Infor Grid Certificate Monitor


Duties can now be exported and imported between environment

Publisher option - publish based on GROUP BY


Widgets can be copied within the same dashboard or to another.

Other changes in this release:


Offset scheduling - To spread the load of scheduled runs you can use offset to delay the startup time.

Publishers - make columns case insensitive

Publisher StatWriter - Ignore case when mapping fields


Possibility to switch between absolute value and percentage in Bar Chart when stacked bar is selected


Possiblity to use both internal and external  M3 links in statistics defiinition  

The  installed version of VBU is displayed on admin page


Generic seach in all  search boxes

Bug Fixes:

iSeries monitor - Error when no SQL jobs running

Possible to store widget without statistics definition

Exit fullscreen does not exit fullscreen on IE

Table widget fails when stat.def column is deleted

Duty freeze issue