Net Change report 1.23


Release: Jun 2017

Version: 1.23

Contains: Bug fixes and new functionality

Main change in this release:

When using Butler to keep track of errors, etc it's often relevant to manually update a row to indicate that the record has been manually handled. A new functionality called "actions" are implemented with the possibility to add, delete or update one or several records in the detailed view in a widget.

Other changes in this release:


REST API  can now be used to collect and publish data.


Change default value of input fields to BLANK.

New option to set error mail on and off.


Statistics definitons

New option "Clean up routine" to automatically delete records  after a defined period. You can select: None, Created date older than..., Last change date older than or Query (Write your own delete clause)


MariaDB and MySQL are now supported

Service Window:

New option to select between  daily or weekly service window in combination with selection on day/week.

Bug Fixes:

VB-HostLogging is done in wrong file

Dashboard HTML Syntax Bug

Null values cause row data to be offset in stat writer